Mummified (Mum´mi`fied)Converted into a mummy or a mummylike substance; having the appearance of a mummy; withered. 

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My definition 

Converted into a mommy, 24/7Disciplinarian, teacher, playmate, cheerleader, counselor, and “maid” to my two kids (four-year old son and one-year old daughter);  

AND acquiring mommy-like substanceLongsuffering (patience), protectiveness (‘Hey you, DO NOT push him!’ me shouting with wagging finger at other kids at the playground), sensibility (yikes! But it’s true, ‘eat your veggies young man!’);  

having the appearance of a mommy, i.e. withered! –It’s exhausting being a stay home mom, not just physically but also emotionally. Try keeping sane and not losing it to a screaming unreasonable four-year old when they decide to throw a fit for the millionth and one time! It’s not the keeping sane at those times that is hard, it is keeping sane ALL the time, 24/7 that’s really exhausting! I’ve to set an example, I’m nurturing my kids, raising them up as best as I can, blah, blah, blah. It’s sure damn hard! 

Anyway, that’s my life; I’ve been mommy-fied. No turning back.


2 Responses to “Mommy-fied”

  1. molly Says:

    It’s true…no turning back!!! Many times I wonder how my own housewife mother managed to bring me up. She didn’t read to me, she didn’t do play doh, definitely no legos, no pretend playing,no “stimulation’ as mom can’t even speaks english!!! BUT I still grow up well, indeed very well balanced individual with 2 kids. I can only remember my mom being there when I come home from school bus, taking me to wait for school bus . I think the key is being there for your kids and that what’s they will remember in their adulthood. I have given up all these “stimulation” activities with my own 2 kids. I am just there for them , to talk and listen to them, undivided attention. I can only hope they will remember me fondly in their adulthood that their mom was there for them!!!

  2. Sometimes small and simple is good enough « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] that was all it took for this mommy-fied woman to think and feel it is all worth it. Being mommy-fied isn’t so bad after all.  Posted in About Me, My Kids, Parenting, Stay At Home […]

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