Some say brinjal or eggplant, others say aubergine, I say… purple mushroom?!

Yup, that’s what I told my son a brinjal was.  

Mommy: “Darling, try this, it’s purple mushroom and it’s yummy.”(Mommy mixes brinjal into rice with some sauce. Son opens mouth and takes a bite.)

Son: “Purple mushroom” (pointing to brinjal dish and chewing)

Mommy: “Yes darling, that’s purple mushroom.” (Cough) “Nice?” (Feigning sincerity.)

Son: “Nice.” 

Yes, guilty as charged. I told a little lie. But that was a long time ago (a year or so?) and I’ve since told him the truth, OKAY?! 

The thing is my son is a picky eater. He doesn’t like vegetables and is reluctant to try anything new. I’ve to force him to eat green veggies by chopping them into fine pieces and mixing them into his dinner, adding lots of sauce. One of his favourite foods however is shitake mushrooms (dried or fresh). Hence the little fib to get him to eat a non-green, non-orange (he knows what a carrot is, unfortunately) vegetable willingly. It’s an associative thing, once it’s a “vegetable” it’s not going to taste good.  

I’ve actually put the one-time purple mushroom episode behind me and totally forgot about it until my hubby mentioned it recently. Anyway, nowadays I don’t tell my son what veggie is in his dinner. I just “rojak” everything together and mention only his favourite stuff. E.g. “See darling, there’s egg, mushroom and lots of sauce!” It’s obvious that there are finely chopped greenies in the “rojak” dinner but we’ve reached an understanding that mommy’s the Boss and he’ll have to eat them. Just don’t mention the v-word. 

P/S: Brinjal remains one my son’s least despised “v” till today.


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