Potty Training

Woo hoo! For the third day in a row, my darling girl (she turned 14 months yesterday) poo-ed only ONCE within the day and into the potty. Yippee!! It’s a BIG celebration because it has taken me almost 6 months to get to this point.

 potty.jpg <–Little Missy at 8+ months, Dec 06

I started when she was about 8-9 months old. Every morning after her breakfast I’d sit her down on the potty. The first time was for about 5 to 10 mins and increasing it to 15mins – during which I would make the “mmm-mmm” sounds (yup for the entire time she’s on the potty). Yes, initially she did protest, we just ignored her whines and gave her lots of toys and distracted her. When one day after about 2-3 weeks she managed to poo in the potty, I clapped and said “clever girl!” so she’d know that’s what she was suppose to do. However little missy, missed most of the time and getting her to poo in the potty in the morning was like striking a lottery. Not only that, she’d poo at least three times a day in her diaper. Can you imagine all the icky diaper changes I had to go through?!

Why try potty training her so early then? Well, after hearing a success story from a friend, I tried it on my older boy when he was just 6-7 months old. My son got into a regular motion pattern within a month! No more icky diaper changes and it was so liberating. Imagine no worries of having to change a big icky poo especially when we’re out.

Anyway back to my little missy. Despite the lack of success I decided to just persevere. So every morning after breakfast, I’d continue sitting her down on the potty. Sometimes I even let her sit there for about 30 mins (this was because there were several times when she poo-ed not long after I’ve taken her off the potty and bathed her). Success was sporadic, maybe once in 3 weeks I’d get a strike. Sometimes even two days in a row and I’d get all my hopes up only to be dashed by an empty potty on the third.

I was on the verge of giving up. Then! Two months ago, it got consistent. Yeah… after three months of “mmm-mmm-ing” to nothing she finally poo-ed every morning in the potty. She’d clap too when I praise her. But she still poo-ed an average of 3 times a day, so I still had icky diaper changes. So, a resigned me thought this is my girl’s bowel system, 3 times a day, well at least it was one icky-diaper-change down a day. Then! Three days ago, she poo-ed only ONCE within the day and in the potty, in the morning. She’d sit quietly and play by herself on the potty and poo within 10mins without me having to do the “mmm-mmm-ing”. Hallelujah!

Am I pleased with my girl? Sure am! Am I pleased with myself? What, but of course! (Patting myself on the back! 🙂 )


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