Help! Mommy’s a walking stick.

Every late afternoon I’ll bring my kids down to the nearest “happening” playground.

It’s all part of a strategy to expand hubby-junior’s boundless energy – nothing like getting him to run and climb and jump and run and… you get the picture! After 30-45 mins of fun, I bring him home for dinner. Hungry boy eats a lot faster! Heh heh heh… See? All part of a plan. He sleeps better too. Heh heh heh…

The plan worked very well for a while. Active hubby-jr was happy. I was happy to just chill out as there was no need to supervise my son closely. Little missy was happy to sit  and children-watch.

BUT then… two months ago, little missy began to learn how to walk. She could walk just holding on to me with one hand. Since then she too wants a piece of the action at the playground. So now, mommy’s also a “walking stick” to little missy. No more chilling out, I’ve to walk with my little girl and she’s very active too. Dragging me here, dragging me there.

Yes, it’s been more than two months and she still refuses to try and walk on her own despite all our best efforts to encourage her. More than TWO months already ah, aiyo! (Hubby-jr went through this phase too but it was much shorter, maybe just three weeks?) Lagi worse is that her energy level is increasing, she wants to walk even when she’s home (we’ve toured our flat many, many, many times over). It’s wearing me out!

“Come on baby girl, let go of mommy’s hand and walk on your own, you can do it!” If you hear that, it’s just me chanting.

P/S: One good thing came out of it though, I think I’ve lost a kg or two.


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