Grrr… snap!

I’m having one of those really BAD days. Nothing serious happened. “I” happened. Just woke up feeling reaaally crabby. Not the occasional cheesed off kinda crabby but the I-hate-the-world kinda crabby. I think it’s the time of the month again!

During my pre-mommyfied days, under such circumstances I probably would have taken the day off from work. I’d vegetate in the room, reading or watching TV. Or maybe indulge in some retail therapy, alone. Point is, I would have minimised having to relate to people.

BUT now in my mommyfied state, that’s almost impossible. My kids are just too young to understand, “mommy needs to be alone”. Ten minutes is probably the max they can give me. I’m always almost tempted to just let them watch their favourite TV show continuously. At least until hubby comes home from work but my conscience gets the better of me (even crabby me).

So they had to contend with a snappy mommy. Hubby a snappy wife. Almost everything they did/do irritates me, “grrr… snap!”

Hopefully I’ll snap out of this crabbiness when I wake up tomorrow. At the meantime hubby is praying for a happy pill to be invented even as I write.


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