Twas a Good Yesterday

Woo hoo! I had a good yesterday. Hubby and I watched Pirates of the Carribean 3 in the morning and had lunch kids free! Needless to say, it’s been awhile. Okay, it was not that long ago. We managed to catch Spiderman 3 on the big screen too several weeks ago. BUT this time we didn’t have to sneak out and we didn’t come home to a angry hubby-jr. To our surprise hubby-jr was happy to let mommy, daddy go out. Is my son out-growing his separation anxiety thingy? I sure hope so. Oh… my baby is growing up!

That’s the way it is with kids isn’t it? They go through these phases. When they are going through them you’d think they’d never change, hard as you try. Then suddenly (well, not so suddenly, it sometimes takes months) when you least expect it, they surprise you! After that, it’s almost as if the weird phase never happened and sometimes we forget it did.

Well sometimes. But more often than not a mommy does not forget and is just saving a databank of memories. At the right time and right place I’ll search the databank for the “right” story to tell. When hubby-jr’s older… ah hah! that’s when I’ll unleash his “lovely” childhood stories… at family gatherings, to his friends… and… to his first girlfriend. Bits and pieces here and there. Repeating some over and over again. Hahaha (evil laugh). Oh the joy of motherhood! Hmm…

Oh where was I again? Oh yes, twas a good yesterday.


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