My Baby is Now A Little Boy


(Hubby-jr. From top left, 1day old, 1month, 6months, 1yr, 2yrs, 3yrs.)

My son, hubby-jr, is turning four tomorrow. Seeing him everyday I’ve never really noticed how much his looks has changed since a baby until I did this little montage. And when I think back to his last birthday, I can see how much he has also grown cognitively and emotionally. He’s truly now… a little boy (yah, I know, I know, it should have dawned on me at least a year or so ago that he’s no longer a baby but what can I say? Can’t a mother bask in a little denial until she no longer can?!).

I feel so proud and at the same time a tinge of sadness. Why sadness? Well I can never, ever, go back in time to re-live any part of the last four years I had with him. Everyday he’s growing and not the same. Huh? You not getting it? Well three year-old hubby-jr is not the same as four year-old hubby-jr. So while I get to enjoy four-year old son, I miss three year-old him and when he was younger. Sigh… a child’s growing years go by so quickly. Sigh… and it won’t be long before he gets married!

P/S: If you want a glimpse of how my little four year old looks like now. Click here.


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