Boxing Day

Yesterday we threw hubby-jr a birthday party at eXplorerkid, Downtown East. It was a blast! I highly recommend the place. It’s clean, the kids love it, there’s an area for toddlers below three and adults can climb along with the kids at the play area.

Today is “boxing day”. Hubby-jr’s toy collection has just jumped in numbers and I’m busy trying to find space to place them and store old ones away. What am I going to do with all these boxes? Should I throw them? Or should I just keep them to store away the toys when they’ve been outgrown? But if I decide to keep the boxes where in the world can I put them? Storeroom’s filled to the brim as it is. (And yeah, mine’s suppose to be a bomb shelter. I’m suppose to make sure there’s enough space for all of us to squeeze in and live should such an emergency arises. At this rate, we’ll have to train ourselves by taking the MRT every morning during the super peak period to manage such a feat!)

That’s just the boxes! What about the toys? Should I give them away or should I keep them? Which ones to keep? Where should I store them where I won’t forget they exist? Give away? Who to? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It’s another mommyfied bi-annual phenomenon which happens at almost every birthday and Christmas.


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