Little Missy – Vampire Walker?

It’s been almost 5 days since Little Missy took her first independent steps. However finger-holding-with-one-hand is still her preferred mode of walking especially during the day. She’ll occasionally take a few steps on her own but only after some coaxing. Then at around 8pm, when it is dark, a motivation seems to take over Little Missy and she’ll practice walking non-stop until it’s time for her last milk feed for the day (8.30-8.45pm). This has been the pattern for the last 5 days. Strange isn’t it?

Initially we thought that it was because we’d all be seated in the living room after dinner. We’d spread ourselves around the living area so she could walk confidently from one person to another minimising her fear of falling (there’s 4 adults now in my house as my parents are here visiting).  So we tried replicating the scenario one morning in broad daylight. She tried for less than 5 minutes and lost interest. But when night came, she once again practiced fervently. Totally bizarre!

Anyway that’s my Little Missy, the vampire walker, she walks only when it’s dark!

P/S: I’m pleased to report that Little Missy’s getting better with her night practices. She walking further and steadier each night. 🙂


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