Attack of the Super Duper Flu Bug

Our home is now a sick bay. It started with hubby. An itchy throat, cough and runny nose soon led to fever. Fever soared to 39.5 °C and only gradually sneaked down after 3 days. Now after 5 days, even with antibiotics hubby’s still running very mild fever. Sure is some super duper flu bug.

Next was Little Missy. She was recovering from cough and cold when it turned for the worse. Good thing I brought her to the doctor soon enough and he gave her antibiotics. Thankfully she has been fever free. Crossing my fingers that she’ll just recover fully from her cough.

Then three days ago, it was my turn. Itchy throat, cough and stuffy nose one night, next day the fever came. “Just gimme the antibiotics! I’m being attacked by the super duper flu bug!” I almost yelled at the doctor (of course I was a whole lot more polite than that). Even the antibiotics at the early stage couldn’t stop my fever from soaring to 39°C that night. Now I’m slowly recovering with temperature fluctuating between 37°C-38°C.

Unfortunately hubby-jr got hit by the bug last night and is at the doctor’s even as I write.

So yup, it’s been a tough week. Hubby and I have been monitoring our temperature like a short term investor monitoring the share market but in our case we want it to go down!

I am just so thankful my parents are here and I’m praying they don’t catch the bug.


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