Is The Holidays Over Yet?

Tick tock tick tock. Four more days. Tick tock tick tock. And it’s the end of the school holidays. Tick tock tick tock.

I just can’t wait for school to start again!!! I want my routine back! Being stuck at home all day with an active four-year old boy is far from great!

Yes, I’m suffering from holidays fatigue. Mom and dad left yesterday (sigh…). Hubby and I are not quite fully recovered. Although fever has subsided we still feel weak, about 70% of usual strength. So we couldn’t quite venture out and we’re all stuck at home (again! We’ve been stuck at home for one whole week now) and poor hubby-jr is so listless.

I’m praying hard that we’ll feel much better tomorrow to take my poor kids out for some fun. It’ll probably exhaust me… but… tick tock tick tock… only four more days to go!


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