My Birthday, My Hubby


Yesterday was my birthday and this was hubby’s present to me. Yup I’m born in the year of the Pig! That makes me… well I’m not in my 20s, so you do the math. Anyway, I’m proud to be born in Pig-year and am quite thrilled that this is the Pig-year (cheap thrill huh? haha). No, I’m not superstitious or anything like that, well pigs are kinda cute don’t you think?

Anyway, anyway when I read somewhere that Swatch was releasing a limited edition to celebrate “my” year, I told hubby that I wanted one for my birthday. While I kinda expected the watch, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. I love the golden piggy bank that came with it. So adorably cute and I’m so pleased that Swatch made the effort to make piggy year special! 🙂

Yes, for many years now I’ve either told hubby what I want or I just go out and hunt for a present myself. I married Mr. Sweet Guy not Mr. Romantic. Hubby gets all stressed out if I expect a surprise gift. He’s very afraid of the surprise turning out to be a shock!! And honestly I’m quite afraid of being shocked too. He and his brothers once gave his mom a vacuum cleaner as a present! They swore it was what she wanted (men!).So instead of a surprise, every year I get to decide what I want to do and hubby will grant me my wish.

There was one year, I felt so cooped up at home I told hubby that for my birthday I wanted a whole day of shopping on my own. So he took leave, looked after hubby-jr while I had the day off to shop leisurely for a present on my own. Another time, at my request, he arranged for us to meet an old friend for high tea after shopping together for my present. Other years we have a family outing with the kids.

Come to think of it ever since I became mommyfied, hubby’s been taking leave every year on my birthday just to make it my special day. So, if I had to choose between Mr. Romantic and Mr. Sweet Guy, I’d marry hubby all over again.


3 Responses to “My Birthday, My Hubby”

  1. Wedding Anniversary « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] he can if any of our kids or I fell ill or had some doctor’s appointment. I could just go on some more but I think you get the picture… so you see, he’s just the sweetest. Not romantic but […]

  2. Jane Tan Says:

    i just cant help but feel so heartwarming about your lovey dovey love story…. im so proud of you both my dear cousins…to maintain a harmonious, sweeet sweeet marriage…it’s a great testimony! 🙂

  3. Julesmom Says:

    Hello Mommy-fied,
    This is too sweet! My hubby is the same – totally not romantic, and only sometimes sweet, and mostly practical, but I love him nonetheless. I’m new to this blog but I’m in love with it already – maybe it’s because we’re both Pigs, and well, Pigs should think alike?

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