Most Important Thing to Hubby-jr

The most important thing to my son, hubby-jr at the moment is…, no, not mommy…, no, not daddy nor little sis…, not any of his grandparents and not any of his friends. It’s not a person. It’s not a TV show. It’s not a toy, not even a computer game.

The Most Important Thing to hubby-jr at the moment is… (drumroll), Char Siew Rice!!! With Char Siew Pau and Char Siew Cheong Fun as close contenders, in that order.

How do I know? One night during a family dinner out, I tried to find out what his no.1 favourite food was. So I asked him a series of questions comparing some of his favourite food and Char Siew Rice kept coming up tops. Then hubby-jr’s uncle decided to ask him the ultimate question…

Uncle: Do you love mommy, daddy more or Char Siew Rice more?

Hubby-jr (without hesitation whatsoever): Char Siew Rice.

There you have it. After all the labour pain (and C-section pain!), after all the hours spent taking care of him, bonding… this is what I get for being mommyfied… trumped by a $2.50 plate of Char Siew Rice!


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