Submit = Respect Your Husband

Did you notice a new link on my blog? It’s Faith Lifts, a nice site I found with nuggets of encouraging spiritual stuff mainly for Christian stay home moms. It features short write-ups, nothing too heavy. Just what I need now and then.

When I visited their site last week, they had this article entitled “Wives Submit…” under the Marriage category. You can view it here wives-submit.doc (I saved it as a word document as I wasn’t sure how long the post would remain on their site) . The writer talked about respecting your husband as a form of submission.

It was a very good reminder for me to respect hubby. It’s not that I don’t, it’s that I don’t make enough effort to do so in our everyday lives and especially in little everyday things. After a long day with the kids at home, I’m not always receptive to what hubby has to say. Sometimes when hubby has an idea, I just go, “what?! why?!”, brushing him off and not quite listening.

A recent example, hubby came home one day and excitedly told me he wanted to buy a new shower head for our bathroom. He had stayed overnight at a hotel for an office event and was just blown away from how shiok it was to shower at the hotel. You can hardly blame me for being less than enthusiastic at his “wonderful” experience and idea. I was exhausted as he was busy with night meetings coming home near midnight for 5 days in a row. “What?! Why change the shower head?!”…. snap, snap, snap, brushing him off. Hardly very respectful. Later although I did ease into his idea I still wondered what the big deal was.

Lo and behold just yesterday hubby came home with a brand new shower head (a big one with four adjustable variations) and fixed it up in a jiffy. And I must say, it did make a world of difference. It really made showering a whole new experience! So he was right. I should’ve been more supportive and respectful.


Just as women love to be loved and feel cared for, I guess for men it’s being respected… even when it’s silly!


6 Responses to “Submit = Respect Your Husband”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I’ve found that keeping my mouth shut and nodding along can keep me from disrespecting my husband – most days. I’ve still got to find a way to control my eyes. He always catches me rolling them.

  2. mommyfied Says:

    🙂 I know just what you mean! About rolling the eyes!

  3. angel Says:

    it used to be the opposite for me i was under contract so i couldn’t quit my job right after having my kids but i remember i used to come home and just snap on him for every little thing and now i stay home and when he comes home to avoid the “rolling the eyes”, he goes and relaxes for and hour and so do I and then after the kids are in bed we talk about things without snappin

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  5. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. mommy-fied Says:

    That’s alright Idetrorce, I don’t expect everyone to. Thanks for dropping by.

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