Mommy blindness?

A good friend dropped by for a visit today. Once again she echoed just about almost everyone who sees hubby-jr, “He looks just like his daddy. A walking mini replica.”

To be very honest, I can’t see the resemblance. Honest! I just go about agreeing. More than that, I go about telling others who’s never met hubby that hubby-jr looks just like daddy. I figured if everyone tells me that, it must be true. So I go about saying it like some rehearsed memorised thingy. All the while, I just don’t see it. I just don’t see it. Honest!

No, I don’t think he looks like me. To me hubby-jr looks like hubby-jr. Actually to me he still looks the same as when he was a baby. I can still catch a glimpse of my baby when I look at him even though he’s a little boy now. And yes, even though he’s obviously changed quite a fair bit. (See my previous post for a montage of hubby-jr since birth)

Is it just me or is it a mommyfied phenomenon? I dunno. You tell me.


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