Little Missy’s Walking, Finally!

My Little Missy’s finally walking on her own! Just like that, tonight while hubby and I were having a late dinner (hubby was caught up at work), Little Missy kept herself busy walking! She toured the kitchen, her brother’s room, living and dining area on twos not fours! Pardon the number of exclamation marks but I’m just euphoric!!! It’s a long awaited moment and I’m savouring it (I’d probably be smiling in my sleep tonight)! I’ve just been a walking stick for too long!

Yes, she’s been practicing walking every night but only if hubby and I are there as her 2 poles. She’ll launch herself from one of us and walk her way to the other. On her own she hardly ventured beyond 5 steps before sitting down.

Her motivation to walk independently started 2 days ago at the playground. Little Missy met her newfound “best friend”, a 14 month old boy. Somehow she took a liking to him (and his mom). She liked him so much that she just wanted to follow him wherever he went. He was one brave boy, walking, falling, crawling and climbing. So as if distracted from her fear of falling she “walked” after him. I think after a while she realised she could walk quite well. When she came home she practised a little more but not much.

Yesterday, Little Missy repeated her walking stint at the playground despite the absence of her best friend. So today I brought my kids to playground with excited anticipation. I was quite disappointed when she hardly wanted to walk on her own, clinging to me… even with best friend around. I thought she was “regressing” and came home deflated.

Then suddenly, ever so suddenly she just started walking non stop at home! Picking herself up to start again when she fell. Practicing “u-turns”, stooping to pick something and continue walking again, etc. It was such a joyous spectacle!

So I am elated to announce that this will be my absolute very last entry about Little Missy’s journey to walking! 🙂


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