Educational and Entertaining Kids’ Sites

Our top 3 favourite kids’ sites for sometime now have been: – This is a wonderful entertainment site for toddlers and preschoolers. Enter Boowa & Kwala for animated storybooks, songs and games for 0-6 year olds. As I’m not a subscriber of their premium site, I find the storybook stories not that great but hubby-jr loves the songs and games.

Tumblebooks – Unfortunately this is only free for me as I’m living in Singapore and a member of the Singapore National Library. I log in through Singapore’s National Library Board website where tumblebooks link is found under eResources, eBooks. The site has wonderful online stories of actual storybooks. They’ve animated the pictures of the storybooks and highlights the words as it’s being narrated. At the end of each story, hubby-jr enjoys clicking on individual words from a list. Each word is read out at each click. Great for encouraging word recognition.

BBC CBeebies (Stories and Rhymes) – I love their wonderful selection of stories and rhymes that’s interactive and very well animated. They have songs and games too but we stay mainly at their stories and rhymes section.

In addition to these, I recently found Puzzle Kids’ Games. Having discovered that hubby-jr enjoyed playing matching pairs game, I surfed for an online version and stumbled upon this site. Their games are a little more educational, umm, mind challenging? Besides the matching pairs game, there’s counting game, jigsaw puzzle, tic tac toe and even a kid’s version of Sudoku. We’ve not ventured beyond matching pairs and counting as yet. This is a kinda no frills site, no fantastic animation but good enough for kids. (P/S: They’ve games for kids up to their teens)

AND just yesterday, I was reminded of Starfall. My friend shared it with me sometime ago but I thought at that time that it was too slow or boring for hubby-jr. However I came across a post on Parenting Times hailing it’s effectiveness in teaching her kid to read. So I decided to try it out on hubby-jr. To my surprise he enjoyed it too. Although he didn’t read the words out loud as he was going through one of the books I think he was taking it in. This morning when he saw the letter “a”, he repeated the phonetic sound for “a”. Hmmm… yup, I’m definitely going back to Starfall again!

Any other great sites I should not miss?


One Response to “Educational and Entertaining Kids’ Sites”

  1. Sudoku Says:

    if you are into Sudoku you shall check out Kakuro which is a new puzzle game that’s getting popular lately 🙂

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