In God We Can Trust

I was very blessed today by a devotional post – On Why I Like Lilies – at Faith Lifts. It’s a powerful testimony of God as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

It brought me back to 1995 when I had joined the Doulos for 6 months. It was an incredible time where my faith just grew by leaps and bounds. In that 6 months I got to witness God’s miraculous providence over and over again. Experiencing it first hand just blew me away. The ship needed a doctor or we couldn’t sail and we were due to leave the port the next day. We all gathered to pray that night. Next day a doctor arrives to join the ship. Another time we didn’t have enough finance to pay for the port fees and it was due tomorrow. We prayed and someone donates the exact amount.

There were other miracles I can’t fit into this post but one more I just have to mention. We were sailing and was about to arrive at a port in Tanzania. An announcement was made for us to gather for prayer. There were no tug boats at this port. Usually a ship stops its engine some distance from the port and tug boats come and “tug” the ship to the assigned place at the port (pardon me but I’ve forgotten most of the ship jargon). With the absence of tug boats there was a danger of the ship hitting the side of the port and be damaged. So we prayed for no strong winds and perfect weather conditions. That day when we arrived at Tanzania, the sea was calm and there was a gentle breeze that helped the ship dock perfectly. It was an amazing experience as I stood on the deck and watch the ship slowly move into position perfectly!

That was in 1995. Fast forward to my mommyfied life today, I’ve not witnessed such miracles for a while. Sometimes I even seem to see more unanswered prayers… why are kids still sick? why couldn’t I had a natural delivery? blah blah blah. Yes, sadly it’s quite myopic.

But at times when I tilt my head back just a little and look a little further and harder then I can see traces of my Father’s grace and hand in guiding me in my journey all this while. God helped me meet fellow “mommy-friends” nearby (who has since become my good friends) just when I thought I’d go crazy cooped up at home. There were times when I felt like I was going to a melt down due to exhaustion only to have hubby call to say he’s coming home early and do I need him to buy dinner? Small simple blessings He had a hand in just to remind me of His love. His miracles are still present, just not in the “grand” or “glamourous” fashion.

Yes indeed we can trust God and in Him we will find no lack in our lives. Thanks Ruth for the reminder.

Read Ruth’s post, On Why I Like Lilies and be blessed too.


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