Mommy Blogs I Like

Two months ago I started this blog. That marked the beginning of my journey into the blogosphere. And boy, I discovered it’s a HUGE community out there. Yup, before that I was a “mountain turtle” (swaku), a “katak bawah tempurung”, English translation please? Hmm the closest I can think of at the moment is “clueless”. Like, “Duh?! Where have you been?!” kinda thingy.  

Anyway since then I’ve found and browsed through quite a number of mommy blogs. It’s very interesting going through them, finding fellow pilgrims (borrowing the term from one of the mommy blogs) in this thing called motherhood. I’ve laughed, cried, learnt from, and nodded my head in identifying with them. 

Below are three of my favourites. I keep getting drawn back to these blogs for some reason or other. They have posts that resonate well with me and some of them have wonderful tips too. I’ve listed them in random, no preferential order. 

Pilgrim Parent – My fellow country residence. She has lots of interesting ideas on how to keep kids occupied. You know how bored or restless kids can be quite a handful. Best to channel their boundless energy wisely! She has 3 boys and it’s fun reading about them. I also enjoy her tips on books and places to go. 

Parenting Times – Another site with lots of interesting tips. I’ve not tried her handicraft ideas though as my son, hubby-jr doesn’t like table work! I enjoy her musings as a stay home mom too. 

“it’s true”, sighed roo. – I love her writing style and some of her posts send my head into a nodding frenzy with a knowing smile. “Yes! Exactly! You too? You hit the nail on the head!” has been some of my response when I visit her and has sent me back there again and again. 

Yup, that’s it so far. I’ll add on to the blogroll (on the right sidebar) when I find other interesting sites as I meander through the blogosphere. 

Happy Browsing!


7 Responses to “Mommy Blogs I Like”

  1. pilgrimparent Says:

    Aw thanks, Mommyfied! Truly appreciated.

  2. mommy-fied Says:

    You’re most welcome! 🙂

  3. Amanda Says:

    Hi! I happened to stumble across this site, and was impressed by the clean style. Would you mind if I linked to you on my blog? Best wishes,


  4. mommy-fied Says:

    Amanda, I’m very flattered, thanks!

  5. Ruth Says:

    thanks friend. 🙂 i’m glad we stumbled upon each others paths.

  6. Mommy-fied More Mommy Blogs I Like « Says:

    […] Mommy Blogs I Like August 17th, 2007 — mommy-fied A month ago I wrote about three Mommy Blogs I Like. Since then I’ve discovered two more – Raising Five and Fruit in […]

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