How To Teach A Child To Hold A Pencil

I found this wonderful tip at Rocks In My Dryer, a very popular mommy blog. It’s easy, just involves a piece of tissue paper and a pencil. Click here for the details and photos to show you how.

I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll motivate Hubby-jr to do more pencil work. Just met his nursery teacher yesterday and it’s one of the things he has to work on. He really is quite adverse to table work.

I remember how he just scribbled a few lines on a picture of an apple with a red pencil when he was supposed to colour it on his first day at playgroup (I was with him as it was the first day). He scribbled hurriedly just to get the “job” over with so that he could go back to playing. Hubby-jr was the first to hand in his “masterpiece” while the other kids were making an effort to colour properly!

But as I mentioned in my post just before this, the teacher was really patient and intent on helping him learn. Throughout the year, I saw many “interesting” art, she was more successful at times but others not so. Nonetheless she managed to make him sit and do all the table activities that the others did. She was great!

So this year at nursery, while he’s weak in his writing skills, I’m very amazed that he participated willingly in all the other handicraft stuff like pasting, painting, making collages, etc. I’ve no doubt a large part of it is thanks to the wonderful teacher he had at playgroup.


5 Responses to “How To Teach A Child To Hold A Pencil”

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  3. Pragya Alok Says:

    This is soo cool…It actually works….with a lil bit of practice it should the kid will learn how to hold the pencil just fine….

  4. Nadene Says:

    I found you via related posts and enjoyed reading your blog. You share some wonderful ideas and other links. Blessings, Nadene

  5. Josphine D'souza Says:

    Hi There,
    It realy works i enjoyed read it and implementing it..
    thanks..have a bless life..Josphine

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