Help! I Don’t Do Perky Mornings!

I am NOT a morning person. In fact most nights, I stretch the (kids free) time as much as I can before I resign to bed. I’ll stay awake reading, watching TV, blogging until I really can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Why? Because next thing I know after I’ve fallen asleep is that it’s morning AGAIN!

Almost every morning hubby and I are awakened by Hubby-jr. “Daddy! Daddy!! DADDY!!!” About 15 to 30 minutes later Little Missy wakes up. Since hubby has to wake up early every weekday morning to leave for work, he’s very sweet and will tend to the kids in morning just to give me the extra half hour (give or take) in bed.

Slowly and ever so reluctantly I’ll drag myself out of bed, wash up and I’m off to face the start of the day, ready or not! I love my kids, really I do! I enjoy them, honestly I do! But in the mornings?? I’m not so sure… let me explain.

My usual mornings in my pre-mommyfied days entailed me sitting ALONE spacing out in SILENCE savouring my cup of coffee. Only and I mean ONLY after the caffine kicks in (at least half hour later or more) can I function “normally”.

Well those days are gone my friend. These days I’ve to wake up every morning to PERKY kids! The very second I step out of my room… “GOOD MORNING MOMMY!” Hubby-jr greets me enthusiastically. Little Missy squeals in delight. And they expect an enthusiastic response. With all that I can muster, I greet them as lovingly as I can at that time of the day “good morning…”, “hello darling…” (hugs, kisses). I take over feeding Little Missy so that hubby doesn’t run late… yes, BEFORE consuming my morning COFFEE!

I go through the motion in a daze. Finally after I put Little Missy down for her morning poo on the potty, I make myself a cuppa and sit down. While I get to savour it slowly, I don’t always get to do it in peace. Sometimes hubby-jr’s busy trying to tell me something again and again and again… sometimes Little Missy will whine for my attention… aiyo! How I long for slow and quiet mornings!

Kids, they bounce out of their beds! Yippee! It’s a new day! Time to play again!


See what I mean? Can’t they wake up in afternoons instead?


2 Responses to “Help! I Don’t Do Perky Mornings!”

  1. mumsgather Says:

    I’m exactly like you and the kids are turning out exactly like me. Hahaha. Hubby is always complaining that the kids sleep too late at night and wakes up too late in the morning….. all due to mummy! Hahaha. BTW, thanks for the link on the previous post. I was just trying to correct my son’s pencil hold so its good timing that I visited your blog. 🙂

  2. mommy-fied Says:

    Thankfully my kids sleep early but that also means they wake up early! Glad you visited too.

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