Our Sunday Ritual

At every Christmas and Chinese New Year since Hubby-jr was born I would inevitably feel somewhat lacking as a “perfect” mom. I have this grand notion of creating a family tradition/ritual filled with festivity for my kids. It must be something they look forward to as the season(s) draws near and something we’ll always remember fondly as a family. I’ve lots of wonderful memories of my childhood and I want to give that to my own children.

Sadly so far I’ve felt I’ve not met that standard and I’ve even felt a little sorry for my kids when the time of the year arrives. Yes, they’re happy. Lots of presents. Still for me the festivity or ritual just isn’t quite there yet!

However very recently I realised that unknowingly we’ve created some of our own family rituals. While the grand ones need working on, for now we’ve our very own Sunday Ritual! Every Sunday we’ll have breakfast at a Food Court near our church before proceeding to Sunday Service. It’s something that we’ve come to look forward to. We enjoy not only the food but the family time together. I think it’s especially meaningful as it’s our way of observing the Lord’s Day!

“We’re going for breakfast then we go to church,” quips Hubby-jr every Sunday morning on our way to church. “Daddy will buy char siew pau for breakfast!” adds my eager four year old. Yes, that’s the real draw for him! Well hopefully a long time from now, char siew paus will bring back many fond memories for him as I know it will for me.


(Hubby-jr’s favourite Chee Cheong Fun and Char Siew Pau)


One Response to “Our Sunday Ritual”

  1. Saph -Walk With Me Says:

    Mmmm, oh wow, I haven’t had barbecued pork buns in sooooo long! That used to be my favorite when I was a kid. My favorite now are red bean paste buns -Do Sa Bao (I don’t remember ping yin for that in mandarin). =)

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