Bumboat Ride To Pulau Ubin

Yesterday morning we fulfilled one of Hubby-jr’s “wildest dreams” – a bumboat ride!

My four year old just loves the water, from waterplay to swimming in the pool to swimming at the beach. And he’s been dreaming of a boat ride ever since we took our kids for a stroll from the Esplanade to the Merlion at night. He sat on the steps at the foot of the Merlion and stared dreamily at the tourist boats on the Singapore River. We’ve been back to the Esplanade a few more times since and each time he’d ask for a boat ride and when we said no, he’d just sit and stare at the boats in wonder. We refused little Hubby-jr’s request simply because we felt the price of the boat ride was not worth it.

Well hubby came up with the ingenius idea of having breakfast at Changi Village followed by a bumboat ride to and fro Pulau Ubin. (By the way we’ve been to Changi Village about three times with the kids but we’ve never taken the ride. Usually we’ll just have some fun at the beach.)

It was a wonderful 15 minutes boat ride at $2 per person (one way) to Pulau Ubin. Nice view and lovely sea breeze. What I really liked was the view at Pulau Ubin Jetty, I just love being so near the sea. We didn’t stay long at Pulau Ubin and left for Changi Point Jetty shortly. Another 15 minutes at $2 per person and our simple bumboat outing came to an end.

Hubby-jr was very, very satisfied to say the least. And so was I… hubby and Little Missy!

(We were too distracted by enjoying the moment that we didn’t take any photos but I found some on the internet and attached them here)


Bumboats at Changi Jetty


View of Pulau Ubin Bridge from the bumboat

P/S: We plan to check out Chek Jawa at Pulau Ubin when Little Missy’s past her two-year old birthday.


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