A New Journey

Sometime ago I shared a glimpse 0f Hubby-jr’s uniqueness. Truth be told when he was a little over 3 years old hubby was a little concerned. Hubby-jr seemed easily scared by loud noises (thunder, drilling, etc.), had weird fears (such as cactus!) and was very fixed in his routines and ways. He cried and screamed over having to change to a new pair of sandals (his old one was so worn out!). It didn’t help that his speech development was not great. 

I remember brushing hubby off at that time. “He’s not autistic!” I said adding, “He makes eye contact and interacts with me and kids at the playground!” Still the fact that hubby had concerns made me ponder a little more. We surfed the internet for information, browsing just to make sure we didn’t overlook anything. Convinced it wasn’t Asperger, we moved on and concentrated on helping our son deal with changes and fears. 

And over months, Hubby-jr did mature and we saw many breakthroughs. He was definitely more flexible and he learned to overcome his fears although he still had one or two phobias but by and large we were very proud of his progress. His speech had also progressed though not by leaps and bounds. At his fourth birthday I met an old friend and as I shared about Hubby-jr, she told me her son was similar at Hubby-jr’s age. She was also concerned then, so much so she sent him for a proper check only to find that he was “normal”. Now in primary school he’s doing well. That short exchange eased my mind a whole lot. Just to know my son was not so “unique”. 

BUT… just as I was going to put the whole “issue” out of the way, a month or so ago his class teacher at nursery recommended a check as he is delayed in his speech development and she observed that he doesn’t play very much with his classmates. On a brighter note, he’s very responsive to the teachers, in fact they all love him in school. 

As a mommy you can imagine I didn’t take the news very well. It did cause me anxiety. I’m thinking, isn’t it just a personality thingy to be on the quieter side? Also maybe it’s the speech delay that’s causing the lack of social interaction among his peers. Nonetheless I had to do something since a recommendation has been given. I was afraid I might be looking through mommy-biased eyes and if there was an issue I’d want it addressed as soon as possible. 

So I brought Hubby-jr to see a speech therapist. I started there simply because coincidentally hubby has a cousin who’s a speech therapist. Although she deals with slightly older kids she agreed to see Hubby-jr for an informal session to see where we could go from there.  

After the session she told us for now to work with him at home, to try and stimulate his speech development. Hubby-jr was intelligible just that he’s having a little difficulty in forming his sentences and expressing himself. There’s a slight delay in his response, it’s not coming out fast and naturally. At the same time she also recommended a hearing test and a check by an occupational therapist (OT). From experience she said, sometimes it’s just a simple case of middle ear infection or not being able to hear certain tones or sounds. A hearing test would show this or rule such an issue out. The OT on the other hand would help see if he was particularly sensitive to sounds, if so the fear may cause speech learning problems. That is if a kid’s too distracted by the fear of hearing some sounds, he’ll have problems listening and learning. 

Although the session didn’t point to a worse off direction, it didn’t quite soothe my anxiety either. Instead we now have to take the path of “examinations”. Just the fact that I’ve to bring my son for such tests saddens me. But after alot of praying I’ve let go of “expectations” (once again). I’ll do whatever it takes… if there are issues they are best addressed at the window age of between 4 to 7, so I’m told. 

So my friends (and family), I’m embarking on a new journey with Hubby-jr as we enter the road of “tests”. It may lead to “more intervention needed” or “there’s no cause for concern” (I’ll keep you informed). Whatever it is I know that God is with us and that’s ENOUGH for me… for us.


12 Responses to “A New Journey”

  1. katherine@raisingfive Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot to take in. I’ll be praying for you as you make decisions for your son. Our son was immature in the preschool years, but he eventually caught up with everyone around age 7. I can tell you love him very much – in spite of the challenges he faces, he is one very blessed little boy!

  2. mommy-fied Says:

    Thanks for dropping by and for the encouragement. It means a lot to me.

  3. Ruth Says:

    thanks for sharing with us. it’s hard on the heart being a mommy, heh? i will pray for wisdom and direction as you walk this path that is sometimes bumpy. and for peace. abundant peace that covers you wherever you may go.


    ps wanted to let you know my bloggie is fixed! ahh! what a drama.

  4. mommy-fied Says:

    You know i was just thinking yesterday that as a mommy oh how my heart will ache countless times but thankfully there’ll be countless times it will leap too.

  5. molly Says:

    After Lisianne’s accident, (she is recovering but still in cast for next 3-4 weeks), I learnt that we can only do so little for our children and ultimately they are in God’s hand. I am the super careful parent yet she fell and I was just couldnt catch her in time. Learnt to let go of my kids and trust God to take care of them. It is His Grace that will see us through. Remember Romans 8vs28-All things will work for GOOD…..

  6. mommy-fied Says:

    Thanks Moll for the reminder I needed to hear.

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  9. Lisa Says:

    My son is four years old and has a speech delay. He also is very social, affectionate, and has great eye contact. I don’t know what to think. His appt. with the neurologist isn’t until Jan. He repeats words and phrases a lot. So far, that is the only symptom of autism I can find. I wish you luck.

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