WFMW – Quick & Easy Salmon/Cod Recipe

What kind of mommy are you? I’m the always-in-chaos type. So when it comes to cooking the more fuss free the better! I try my best to avoid the complicated ones with a thousand and one steps. Anything more than 2 steps is too much for me!

That’s why I love my mother in law’s recipe which I’m sharing with you today. A chinese twist to seasoning salmon or cod fish. It’s really easy and tasty.

Marinate a piece of salmon or cod fish (of about 300 grams) with the following:

  • Oyster Sauce (1 to 2 tbsp)
  • Sesame Oil (1 tsp)
  • Ground Black Pepper (generously)

Then grill or bake the fish in the oven or oven toaster. You can also choose to pan fry it as it is or coat it with corn flour before you do so. I usually bake it in the oven toaster for about 10 minutes.

There you have it, your main or meat dish for the day!

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6 Responses to “WFMW – Quick & Easy Salmon/Cod Recipe”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Sounds yummy and easy, too!

  2. Western Warmth Says:

    Wow, that sounds good. We just had grilled tilapia tonight (on the George Foreman). We love salmon, too! Thanks

  3. Kathy in WA Says:

    Wow! This sounds delicious and super easy. Thanks for sharing. I have a Foreman grill which would be perfect for this recipe.

  4. Laane Says:

    I also use sesame oil.. It gives a nut flavour.

    Hmmmm now I’m going to make this for dinner. Thanks!

  5. Gift of Green Says:

    Okay, I’m scared of cooking fish. Don’t know why because I love it and evidently it is the easiest thing ever…but you’ve inspired me. Thank you!

  6. WFMW – No More Fishy Business! « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] this is not necessary if your recipe already involves coating your fish with pepper. Like my simple salmon/cod fish recipe but best to still let fish sit with seasoning for a while […]

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