A Piece Of Cardboard

bus1.jpgbus1.jpg bus1.jpg

After all the money spent on toys, Hubby-jr’s current favourite is this piece of cardboard! It’s no ordinary cardboard mind you, it’s a bus and he’s the driver! He got this idea from watching Blue’s Clues. I volunteered to decorate it a little more but he refused and was satisfied with just the two circles at the side for wheels!

“Daddy, Mei Mei (little sister) the bus is coming. Come on board please. We’re going to….” Off goes the express bus (he runs and daddy has to catch up carrying Little Missy!)… It’s quite an amusing spectacle.

Oh, the simple joys of a child… no need for expensive toys just a piece of cardboard will do… for now anyway! Won’t be long before that changes. Oh well I can’t stop the eventual inevitable so I’ll just enjoy the here and now.


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