Another Breakthrough!

A few weeks ago Hubby-jr sat through and watched an entire play!!

It’s a BIG DEAL because Hubby-jr has a phobia for any live performances. I’m talking about petrified, screaming kinda phobia. He would literally get all tensed up just walking pass adorned stages at shopping malls, afraid that a live show will start anytime.

It all started about a year ago when I took him to “Bob the Builder – A Surprise Party Show” (we had complimentary tickets! How could I not bring him?). He was enjoying the show and even went all the way down to the front of the stage to join the many prancing kids watching the show. All was well and fun UNTIL the GRAND finale that came with a GREAT BIG BANG! Literally. I’m talking about GIGANTIC party poppers! That GREAT BIG BANG really scared Hubby-jr. So much so he developed a phobia not just for live shows but for parties as well. He began associating party poppers with parties.

Making things worse, another “sound” incident happened several weeks later. During a live singing performance at a wedding dinner (unfortunately we brought Hubby-jr along) the sound system got a little messed up and let out a VERY LOUD SCREECH. My poor son screamed and SCREAMED!! That sealed the deal with live performances and added wedding dinners to his list of phobias!

So when his school asked for permission for him to attend a play as part of an outing and exposure, I was hesitant. I told his nursery teacher of his phobia and asked if she would be willing to take care of him personally. I mentioned that he may just end up screaming uncontrollably. Without any hesitation she said YES. Well then OK, if she was willing, I decided to give it a shot. I reasoned that if Hubby-jr could see that NOT all live performances had party poppers and that he could enjoy them, it would be a step towards overcoming his phobia.

Nonetheless it was like a gamble and the night before I was nervous. What if it backfired? I waited anxiously to hear from his teacher on the day of the play… 

“Oh he was OK, initially he was anxious so I had to carry him. I kept assuring him that there were no party poppers and he calmed down and watched the entire play… yes, he sat by himself… what? Oh no, he didn’t scream at all.”

A wave of relief and joy swept over me when I heard those words from the teacher and seeing Hubby-jr’s wide grin. Hallelujah. A victory in my son’s life and I felt so proud.


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