WFMW – Airtight Containers

This week is Brand Loyalty Edition of Works For Me Wednesdays (WFMW), which means we are to write about a brand we cannot do without. 

I can’t believe I’m endorsing this brand but here goes… it’s Tupperware for me. Yes people I’m a closet Tupperware user. Why all the hush-hush? Well I’ve always associated Tupperware with being very “auntie” (a term we sometimes use to refer to middle aged, frumpy, nosy or just old fashioned housewives over here in Singapore… hope I didn’t offend anyone!) This is because more often than not they are sold by housewives. In addition the designs of Tupperware containers are hmm… how shall I say it? Not “happening”? And boy they don’t come cheap. 

However to my surprise they are indeed wonderful containers despite how they look (indeed never judge a book by their cover… in this case the containers by their appearance). I discovered a few years back that Tupperware are the only truly air tight containers that can keep my biscuits, cereal and chips crisp and crunchy for a long time. With the high level of humidity in this country I live in, such food go soft and limp within hours of being out in the open. In other containers they last at most a few days but with wonder Tupperware, they stay almost as good as fresh for weeks! (I swear I don’t sell Tupperware for a living!) 

I’ve tried Lock N Lock containers but they couldn’t withstand the humidity here. I should know I’ve lost some yumdelicious chocolate biscuits because of them! So now I only trust Tupperware with my (umm… I mean MY FAMILY’s) precious stash of goodies (and other food stuff). They’ve also introduced more “up-to-date” designs as well. To top it off Tupperwares’ guaranteed for life! If any part of it wears out, I can always exchange it for a new one so they’re worth every cent I spend on them. 

(Jeeps… where did all that come from?! Maybe I SHOULD sell Tupperware to earn some pocket money…) 

P/S: For those of you who live here in Singapore I’ve another recommendation. I only use Kwong Cheong Thye – Superior Dark Soya Sauce to cook all my Chinese braised stuff. Other brands just don’t taste the same!


13 Responses to “WFMW – Airtight Containers”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Yaa for Tupperware! I love it too. So expensive. But I like to check out Ebay when I’m desiring a new container.

  2. Ewokgirl Says:

    I bought my first Tupperware a few months ago. I couldn’t find a good travel mug, and I finally shelled out the money for Tupperware’s version. Oh my! Those cups are wonderful! Not cheap, but worth every penny!

    Maybe one of these days I’ll shell out for a few containers.

  3. Organising Queen (Marcia) Says:

    I think I’m too cheap to buy Tupperware 🙂 But my mother swears by it – lifetime guarantee blah blah blah

    But back to you – how lovely to e-meet you. Singapore is one of my favourite places on earth. And yes, it is very humid – we were there in 2004 and I thought I was going to die in that heat. Thank goodness it was airconditioned everywhere!

  4. Robin Says:

    There aren’t many Tupperware consultants here in Israel so the decision on whether to spring for it or not hasn’t been an issue. I love the multi-lock containers I can buy at my local supermarket though. Lock just as tight, and with the 4 individual closures they’re a lot easier to open and close :).

  5. SingForHim @ Real Life Says:

    I love Tupperware, but I lose it regularly. (to the same place as mismatched socks) I stick to the disposables, but If I can ever get my act together to keep track, I’m going back to TW!

  6. Alisa Says:

    my dog got into my panty and the only container he didn’t destroy was the tupperware cereal. He chewed through all the others to eat the cereal. Yeah-they are expensive but obviously he couln’t smell what was in there because he didn’t eat it. And this dog did some serious damage to the pantry that day. (By the way, this was not a normal occurance for our dog-he was sick)

  7. Kellyn Says:

    I love my tupperware! I even have some pieces from when my mom was my age, the yellow strainers, the meat tenderizer…love it. My new favorite is the sandwich containers. I have them in 4 colors! I have a party this weekend that I am going to. Can’t live with out it!

  8. WhatWorksForMom Says:

    I agree completely. I only have 3 tupperware items remaining and they are my favorite!

  9. Laane Says:

    I have some tupperware and I love it too.
    Not everything is aunty to see.

    I have a green and yellow bowl that everyone loves, and a watercan.

    We still use the babymug in the bathroom, without the babybottom and babyhandles.

    But other brands are cheaper… and are not airtight.

  10. annabelle Says:

    Tupperware is pretty good! The only thing I hated was when my lid shrank in the dishwasher! 😦 LOL

  11. Karen@FamilyBriefs Says:

    I’m too cheap to buy Tupperware too, unless I absolutely have to have something airtight! But it’s a really good brand and I do love their lifetime guarantee! Nobody makes storage containers as good!

  12. Mandi Says:

    I am a die hard Tupperware user. I have tons of it and won’t use any other containers. I’ve been using it since I moved out on my own. And…I’m only 33…that’s not middle aged…lol. I find all kinds of tupperware at yard sales and thrift stores. I just bought 8 bowls and 8 cups today for $20 and they are brand new. I got them at a thrift store. I already had 4 of the bowls…so now I have 12…lol. GO TUPPERWARE GO!!! LOL.

  13. Milena Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Tupperware, too! My kitchen pantry went from insanity to organized when I bought some modular mates and a label maker. Ok, kinda eccentric with the label maker – my husband says it’s the teacher in me! Oh yeah, the “kids” stuff is *fantastic* for going out and about. It’s expensive, that’s true, but my neighbor just had her 40 year old pastry mat replaced, since it was cracked.

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