McDreamy’s Only A Dream


Hey ladies, wake up to a rude truth, Dr Derek Shepherd is just a figment of a woman’s imagination! Read the excerpt of an interview with Patrick Dempsey below and tell me your bubble isn’t burst.

…Patrick (Dempsey, the actor who plays Dr Derek Shepherd) admits it’s not surprising women love Derek Shepherd, because he believes he’s been created as every woman’s Mr. Right — handsome, caring, romantic, macho, and just neurotic enough. “I think there are a lot of men on our show that represent different elements of what women want, and collectively that’s one perfect man. McDreamy isn’t a real guy. I think people project this fantasy onto him and Shonda Rhimes (Executive Producer of Grey’s Anatomy) has created that kind of character who is sort of mythic in a way — an idealized man. Sometimes I think, ‘I would never say this,’ or, ‘I would never do that.’ I think men would not talk as much as the men talk on this show. Women need to talk it all out, guys want to just solve the problem and move on. And I could never understand why Derek went back to his wife, knowing what we know now. I just don’t think most men would have done that. I think the show is written to satisfy a woman’s point of view. But had I been writing it, we would have been on air for two weeks and would have been canceled,” he laughs.

Sigh… yes, I’m a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy and I so love Dr Derek Shepherd. Yeah, yeah I know, I’m already in my 30s and mommyfied… I should know by now that TV shows are not real and it’s mostly fantasy… still… sigh… if only such a man existed… And why? Just why did Patrick Dempsey had to say such typical man things? Sigh… let’s face it! A man is a man is a man. Not “into” too much talking and always a’ fixing!


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