Rare Pieces of Art

My son’s first masterpieces! Yes, he’s produced better art pieces but these are the only “proper” sketches he’s ever done! The other arty stuff were mainly “abstract” painting and cut and paste thingies.


(Mr Cactus? Yes, it’s a cactus with a face)


(A Thunder Storm – big dark cloud and lightning flashes)

Something must have happened in the cosmic world one afternoon cause Hubby-jr decided to sketch! Okay, he was actually bored to tears (we had to park ourselves at the immigration office for some passport processing thingy). But he seemed so intent as he sketched. When our turn finally came I had to drag him by his sleeves while he clung on to his pen, notebook and kept drawing. Yes it was quite a sight but hey! I was not about to miss our turn and wait any longer (we waited an hour)!

Seeing him so engrossed sketching my heart leapt, “Oh! Could it be that my little boy has finally developed an interest in drawing?” I started imagining him sketching buildings, airplanes, etc. (his favourite stuff). I even dreamed of him writing (you know ABCs, words). “The spell has broken, finally! Yes! Yes!” I swear I’m not making this up, I’m just an easily excitable person. It’s just who I am. Hubby always tries to bring me back to earth by trying to get me to moderate my expectations. That’s because he knows the more excited I am over the “eggs” (or should it be chickens?), the more let down I’d be when they fail to “hatch”.

And indeed… the “egg” didn’t “hatch” this time. Hubby-jr’s sketching bug lasted all but one afternoon… S.I.G.H. I don’t know how it works but ever since then, I’ve not been able to persuade him to even doodle. So that’s why I’m immortalising these few sketches (picked the best of the lot). They are indeed truly… RARE.


One Response to “Rare Pieces of Art”

  1. Libby Says:

    Your son’s drawing is very creative, great piece of art 🙂

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