What’s Your Mothering Style?

I’ve been suffering a bout mommy guilt of late due to my short fuse. Almost nothing makes me feel worse than having lost my temper at my kids. Their eyes turning red and brimming with tears haunts me way after the storm has subsided and even after I’ve asked for forgiveness. 

So it was beautiful to chance upon this quiz at MotherStyles (thanks to Are We There Yet?). It provided me some small relief. Hey, these things are wonderful for positive reinforcement. No matter what type you are, they just know how to make you sound like such a great mommy! (Don’t we all just need to hear it more often than we actually do.)

It’s a very simplified quiz based on The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument (MBTI). If you want a more detailed thingy, you’ll have to pay. Me pay? Nah, I’m too cheapskate, I just did the simple quiz (nothing too serious, thank you) AND I am a… “Tuned In” mother! According to the site, that means I’m the following:

  • Aware, astute, and understanding, the INFP mother is sensitive to her child’s needs, feelings, and perceptions. By observing and listening to the cues of the whole child, she is “tuned in” and naturally develops an intuitive feel for what he or she needs. Responsive and helpful as well, she tends patiently to those needs as they arise.
  • The INFP mother is comfortable letting her children follow their own course of development and make their own choices. She offers encouragement and uses her insights to head off trouble and difficult issues.
  • The INFP mother takes vicarious pleasure giving her children good experiences and watching them enjoy childhood. She’s happiest creating pleasant, memorable times for the whole family.

See? Cool description huh? I’m not sure about the first point… especially the bit on… *cough* “tending patiently” *clear throat*. Me? Patient? Hahahaha… but the other two points do seem to fit.

Anyway, for those of you who are familiar with the MBTI, the above description was based on me being an INFP. It’s very interesting because years ago (when I was single, when I had a employee paying job), I actually did the “real” MBTI test and I was (I am?) an ENFP. How’s that? I’ve no idea. I thought MBTI’s suppose to test your innate personality so it shouldn’t change? Yes I did try clicking ENFP but the description didn’t fit so well. The only explanation I could think of was perhaps it’s because I’ve always been in between an (I)ntroverted) and (E)xtraverted but leaned just a little more towards “E”. So does that mean I’m more “I” now? Hmm…

Oookay, ’nuff of the rambling. What about you? What’s your mothering style? Go on. Check it out. Don’t be afraid. With them, you’re never ever bad!


2 Responses to “What’s Your Mothering Style?”

  1. Janet Penley Says:

    Hi, Mommies! Please do check out your mothering style at my website. But don’t forget that the the quiz and mini-profiles come from my book, MotherStyles, and there is much, much more in the book that you will find helpful — how to better parent a child who has a different personality than you, how to reconcile your parenting style with your spouse’s, how to recharge your batteries so that you don’t blow a fuse. Dear mothers, the quiz is just a little sample, to show you that the book is not intended to judge you, like so many parenting books do. Please read on – you and your family will be glad you did. Blessings on your mothering journey!

  2. Freaky Mommy « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] October 11th, 2007 — mommy-fied Yes that’s me, freaky mommy. I may be an “in tune” mommy but I’m also a freaky mommy. It’s been so evident of late. On Monday we had to bring […]

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