Please Don’t Grow

Yesterday I stared at the empty playpen, where my 18 month Little Missy sleeps, for a good five minutes. A tinge of sadness swept over me. Soon, yes very soon, I’ll be packing it up for good. In a matter of months Little Missy will move to a bed…

You see, my little baby girl can’t wait to grow up.


I on the other hand wish that time would slow down… and let me have her as a “baby” at home for as long as… I dunno? Forever maybe? (grin)

I don’t plan to have another kid. IF things go as I plan, she’s my last baby… and oh sweetie, please don’t grow up too quickly.


2 Responses to “Please Don’t Grow”

  1. mamabliss Says:

    oh i share the same sentiments… 😉 kids at this age are just simply adorable and we could simply love them to bits…hehe

  2. Ruth Says:

    i know exactly what you mean!! shiloh is 21 months!! i can’t believe that!!!

    our girls would have such fun together.

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