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Since I’ve a speech delayed four year old I’ve been doing some DIY speech therapy at home. So far I’ve worked on some ideas given to me by a speech therapist and my own thought up ones and I’m sharing some of these ideas here today.

In, On, Under

Introduce the concepts of “in”, “on” and “under” using a huge box. Put your kid into the box and say, “You are in the box”. Flip it over and let him sit on top of the box for “on” and cover him with the box for “under”. After you’ve introduced the concepts, ask your kid to go “in” the box and see if he knows how to climb in. Besides giving him the task as you direct, also ask him questions. For example, place him under the box and ask him where he is. Intersperse between giving him directions and asking him where he is.

I was also told a good focus was to teach the basic What, Who, Where, Why and How questions. Knowing these would empower a child tremendously in communicating.

What, Who, Whose

First start with “What” as it is the easiest to grasp. Ask your child “what” questions at every opportunity. Storybooks are a good way to introduce the difference between “what” and “who”. Point to a person and ask, “Who is this?” and then point to the shoes or shirt and ask “What is this?” 

A game I innovated on the spot while playing with my kids was the telescope game. Looking through a long cardboard tube (hey, it’s a telescope!) I wave it around and stop to focus on my son and ask, “Who is this?” Then I move on to things for “what” questions. I also introduced “whose” (ambitious huh?) by focusing on his lips, ears, etc. Actually he found it very fun to stick his mouth at the other end of the tube and that’s when I started asking, “What is this?” and followed by “Whose mouth is this?” You’ll have to provide the correct answers in the beginning if your child hasn’t grasp the concept yet. After a while they will, then you can prompt them to reply.

But folks I’m running out of ideas and have not had any luck locating specific ideas over the internet. So for this week’s backward WFMW I would like to know of any interesting simple play ideas for DIY speech therapy at home. Any activities you know that can help stimulate speech for a four year old would be helpful.

Useful websites I found so far:

I Can – Talking Point (A UK based First Stop for Information About Communication Development and Disability) (Great website that teaches children how to read. It has helped Hubby-jr pick up phonics and reading words.)

Resources I found reviewed on the internet but am having problems finding in Singapore:
Teach Me How To Say It Right by Dorothy P. Dougherty
Baby Babble – Speech Enhancing DVD for Babies and Toddlers 

(If you’ve read or seen any of these let me know what you think of them. I’d like to know before ordering them on

Thanks in advance to those of you who’ll be sharing your ideas with me. Don’t forget to check out the burning questions of other moms and see if you can provide them with some insights over at this week’s Backward WFMW at Rocks In My Dryer.


12 Responses to “Backward WFMW – Speech Therapy@Home”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Wow, I could post a very long comment. My 6 year old son has been in speech therapy since he was 2. He actually didn’t even start to talk until he was 4. Not only does he get speech therapy at school, but we also have him in private speech therapy, plus we work with him every day. There are so many different activites out there, some depending on what type of speech delay. If he has problems with mouth placement, different types of whistles and blowing bubbles are wonderful. go under categories, then special needs. Then language. They have wonderful products. I have my in-laws by him stuff from there for his b-day and Christmas.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I am in the same boat as you are, this website helped me:

  3. Tanya Says:

    When shopping for our homeschool curriculum last April, I came across a CD titled SPEECHercise. I purchased it because we had some speech delays too. It’s a great CD, that really gets the kids to move their mouths! Lots of silliness so they have fun while working on some serious speech exercises. I had a friend who is a Speech Therapist look at it, she thought it was a great tool.

  4. palofmine Says:

    I have found the leap frog videos like the talking words factory and the magnetic leap frog letters for the frigerator have helped a HUGE deal!

  5. xboxwife Says:

    Ok – I used to be a speech therapist back in the day. Technically, I guess I will always be a speech therapist, I’m just “retired” at the moment. For in, on, under, etc. I used to use the little sets that have the vinyl reusable stickers. I can’t remember AT ALL what they are called right now, but you can still get them just about everywhere! I also used the “Where’s Waldo?” books. Give me some time to think more about this – I’ve been out of the speech loop for so long, I just can’t think of any good things right at this moment.

    Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

  6. mommy-fied Says:

    Hey everyone, tks for sharing!

    I checked out and it’s a great resource site. Not just for speech delay but also for general teaching kids to speak. Her links are useful too.

  7. Crafty Gardener Says:

    This website has lots of practical ideas and games/activities you can print out

  8. Michelle Says:

    The links to speech development websites was really helpful! Thanks for sharing those.

  9. amanda grant Says:

    my son has been stuttering for about a yr now. he just turned 4 in march. he also has problems with certain sounds pbkgnlr. he sees a wondeful speech therapist once a week. some acticities we do……turn off the lights hide a bunch of plastic toy insects then ask your child to get a flashlight find them and then have your child bring what he finds to you and describe it for you. comment on smooth or bumpy speech. maybe you can set up an “obsticle course” ex: have your child say a few words drills then have them go over the pillow,go under the broom, step on the stool ,then put the ball in the laundry basket.

  10. when you can't provide what they need - London Moms Says:

    […] other day for this? How to Start Speech Therapy at Home | Speech Therapy Activities Backward WFMW – Speech Therapy@Home Mommy-fied Speech Therapy | Language Development | Speech Therapist Mom | Tips for Parents Children Teachers […]

  11. mommy-fied Says:

    I’ve noticed a recent spike in the hits to this post. Seeing there is a need for more speech therapy ideas to do at home, I’d just like to point to some other stuff I’ve done with my son since this post. Just go to this link
    Or simply click on speech therapy category on the left column of my blog (you’ll have to scroll way to the top to see it).

    Hope it is useful.

  12. Grandma Clarice Says:

    Just started looking for idea for my 4-year-old grandson. This was a great place to start. Thanks for being available.

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