Hearing Loss – Confirmed.

An update. Yes it’s confirmed, Hubby-jr has mild hearing loss in his right ear. We went for his second test yesterday. He will now have to go through some checks by an pediatric ENT to try and determine its cause. After which he’d probably be fitted with a hearing aid on his right ear.

Well having grieved openly about it, I’m feeling much better about the whole thing, 95% of me is okay. The other 5% is unsure of what to expect next… not looking forward to having more checks and probably formal speech therapy sessions. But as hubby says, Just Trust God. Worrying is NOT going to help.

I’m also feeling much better these few days because Hubby-jr has shown small but significant improvements in his speech. Just working with him at snippets of time throughout the day is paying off and is a huge encouragement for me. It is true then, what a speech therapist told me, the few minutes we spend each day stimulating his speech goes a longer way than the one-hour per week speech therapy sessions.   

This has impressed and reminded me of the significant impact we have on our children’s lives. So stay home mommies, take heart. What we do, does make a difference.  


3 Responses to “Hearing Loss – Confirmed.”

  1. palofmine Says:

    My kids still do speech at school, and we practice everyday! We also have a rotating mirror that is supposed to help them articulate while seeing their tongue move!LOL

  2. Ruth Says:

    God bless you as you mother! and God bless hubby jr. I agree with you — 100% — when you said,”So stay home mommies, take heart. What we do, does make a difference. ”

    it’s an honor to make deposits in the next generation.
    shalom friend….

  3. Freaky Mommy « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] been so evident of late. On Monday we had to bring Hubby-jr for a CT Scan to determine if his hearing loss is due to EVA (Enlarged Vestibular […]

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