See! Freaky.

Here’s a photo of Hubby-jr on the day of his CT Scan (I didn’t realise hubby took a photo with his mobile phone till now!). If you haven’t read about the “drama” yet, click here.


See his hand. That’s for the IV thingy. They had to bandage it in such a way to secure it because he struggled so hard and they were afraid he’d detach it.

Now you see why I freaked out? (Shudder…)


2 Responses to “See! Freaky.”

  1. Jes Says:

    oh how horrible to see! When my daughter was just 3 days old she had to go into the hospital. She had jaundice really bad. It was horrible holding on to my little 4lb12oz baby while they dug around trying to find a tiny vein. She had to have her arm all wrapped up like that. It was so scary. I understand your fears! I am so glad to hear everything was fine!

  2. Ruth Says:

    i understand.
    my memory of my little nightmare still haunts me. xo

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