WFMW – Indoor Fun with Beans

The weather has been rather unpredictable of late, sudden showers has taken on an added dimension. They’re no longer just sudden, they’re erratic too! Sunny one second, pouring the next, sunny again and who knows? It may pour again! The eccentric weather plus living in an apartment with two young and active kids made me desperate for ideas to keep them entertained indoors.

Thankfully I remembered reading about this wonderful indoor activity at Pilgrim Parent sometime ago. I couldn’t try it out then as Little Missy was too young to handle beans (but not young enough to just lie down and stare at mobiles!). But now at 19 months…

Anyway, here’s what I did. I lined the floor with a quilt cover (any flat sheet will do. The bigger the better!) I opened a bag of raw soya beans I had and poured them into a plastic container and put it in the middle of the quilt cover. I added some toy plastic kitchenware like cups, spoons, plates, funnel and also beach stuff like buckets and spades. Then I revealed the set up to the kids! It wasn’t much beans but it was enough to keep my kids occupied for quite a while (I’m sure it’d be more fun if I add some more) and on more than one occasion! It’s a great substitute for sand or waterplay. When they were done, I removed all the plasticware, lift the quilt cover from the corners and gathered all the beans and poured them back into a container. I can always reuse them either for more beans play or to cook!


Besides just occupying their time, I also realised it’s a great platform for refining their motor skills (more for 19month old Little Missy) and for them to learn. I could use it to teach concepts such “empty”, “full” and “half full”, “shallow” and “deep”. It can also be used to reinforce “in”, “on” and “under”. Simply great as a speech therapy activity for Hubby-jr! (And at the sametime Little Missy learns too!)

I never would have thought a bag of cheap beans could be so useful! Thanks Pilgrim Parent for sharing the idea. It works marvellously for me. For more stuff that works go here.


6 Responses to “WFMW – Indoor Fun with Beans”

  1. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent Says:

    This is a great idea that we used when my DS was small too…in fact, you’re probably never too old for this activity…maybe I’ll bring some out today since we are homebound…bad air quality from the fires here in Southern California…can you send some rain out way please?

  2. Martie Says:

    Thank you so much for the fabulous idea! Yesterday Delany and I made art projects, wrote a letter to her Daddy, played with farm toys, made cupcakes, played with Play-Doh, played with the baby, did chores, played on the computer, and on and on, and then the day wasn’t half over yet. We are both outdoorsy people, and staying inside is so hard.

    SO, thank you so much for the great idea! I am really excited to give this a try. We have a 50 pound bag of beans sitting here just waiting to be entertaining! Thank you again.

    Have a great day!


  3. Pilgrim Mom Says:

    So glad it worked for you! The kids are playing so intensely in the picture!

  4. Gift of Green Says:

    This is a great idea! Now if they’ll just keep them out of their ears. Think I’ll try fava beans instead! 🙂

  5. JCK Says:

    What a fun idea and a wonderful way to learn all of those concepts. The picture of your children is just darling. Thanks!

  6. mamabliss Says:

    Oh thanks so much for sharing this… I’m sure, Tim, would love this activity… 😉

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