Another Honeymoon’s OVER!

The terrible twos is officially here. Little Missy threw a temper tantrum today. Oh yes, my little feisty one has pulled many, MANY fusses, screamed now and then, and given me lots of passionate “NO!”s. But today she threw her very first terrible twos tantrum.  

Screaming – check!

Slump on the floor – check!

Legs kicking – check!

Publicly humiliating – you betcha! 

It wasn’t super major… yet but I can see those coming… oh yeah… 

I had been hoping it wouldn’t come so soon. Don’t gag, but I was even hoping it wouldn’t come at all. Yeah, yeah, I should get my head out of the clouds. Well four more months of “honeymoon” would’ve been… nice but nooooo… it had to start NOW… at 20 months. Hey Little Missy, get your dates right will ya?! 

Really? You can tell I’m UPSET! 

WHY? It marks the END of my short honeymoon. I’ve been enjoying both my children tremendously since June (that was when Hubby-jr’s tumultuous tantrums came to an end). Yeah, I’ve had to deal with other issues but in terms of tantrums it was pleasantly almost absent!

But now I’ve to buckle up. The “real” parenting stuff has to start with my no.2. I’ve to be consistent, be resolved in disciplining. No caving in. Mark the boundaries clearly. Show her who’s in charge. Sigh… it’s so much easier writing these down than actually doing them. It’s incredibly draining dealing with tantrums.  

I know it’s part and parcel of parenting. But… why… WHY couldn’t I just have another four months… WHY???!!!


One Response to “Another Honeymoon’s OVER!”

  1. Ruth Says:

    that’s hard.
    like they say, “parenting isn’t for cowards”.

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