My Parents Are Here

It’s been a craaazee last week. Hectic, chaotic at times, exhausting at all times (craaa…ze…ee) but thankfully most of it was fun too!

My parents came down (from Malaysia) for their regular dose of “grandchildren” (Woo Hoo!) and hubby was on leave for 3 days. As you can imagine all of a sudden there’s almost double the number of human beings in our (not so big) home during the day. I could hardly walk about without bumping into someone or stepping on toys! When it wasn’t that we were out with the kids, we visited the zoo, Vivocity (a huge mall that’s very fun for kids), yum cha at Chinatown, well yes we basically roamed Singapore. Somewhere in there we brought Hubby-jr for his weekly speech therapy session. (There will be no traveling out of the country this hols for us what with all the scheduled speech therapy sessions.)

Anyway, speaking of my parents, they are simply wonderful and one of the major reasons I’ve stayed sane as a stay at home mom. Being retired, they visit every two or three months and ever since Hubby-jr started school, they schedule their visits to coincide with the school holidays. That’s the time I really appreciate the extra help especially in entertaining my two little ones! And my parents make wonderful playmates for my kids. They love playing with their grandparents and yes they love poh-poh (grandma) and kung-kung (grandpa).

So each time my parents visit, I get a semi-holiday (that’s as good as it gets being a stay at home mom!), it’s like having full time babysitters for 2-3 weeks! I get to sleep in a little more in the mornings (grandma wakes up naturally before 7am anyway!) I get to go out kids-free either alone or with hubby. My mommy takes over cooking. Really, what more could I ask for?

Do I wish they’d stay for good? To be honest, no. I love my parents, enjoy them even and if they had to I’d let them live with me but that’s different.

3 weeks of bumping into each other is just about right. Sometimes there’s even some friction towards the end. We’re use to our own space (my parents and I). We need our space. I go back to my routine, they go back to theirs. I get my kitchen back (omigosh! I can’t believe I said that… but it’s true!) And momma goes back to hers. I get the whole house to myself again when the kids are napping and they have their cosy home in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

But for now, we’re enjoying being together. It’s almost divine. It’s not just the help and company. It’s their company. It brings me back to the comfort, safety and love I felt growing up in my childhood home.

I guess that’s why I too want to build “a home” for my children. A place where they’ll always feel welcomed, comforted, safe and loved.

P/S: Now hubby’s back at work, my parents have brought the kids out and I have the house to my self. Hmm… (muack) lovely!


2 Responses to “My Parents Are Here”

  1. The Parents Zone Says:

    Oh thats very sweet of your parents… finally you got a chance to take a break… cos moms wont get a break till their kids go to school.

  2. What have I been doing? « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] was blissful. Did I mention I LOVE my parents and I LOVE it when they visit? *innocent smile and […]

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