Simple Joys

Kids LOVE bubbles! I dunno what it is but they simply LUUURVE bubbles. It’s one of those things they never get tired of. Bizarre but true.  

So a year ago we bought a bubble gun, just keep pressing and presto! An endless stream of bubbles to keep the kids thrilled! As our luck would have it, the first one we bought was fluky, didn’t work. Can you imagine my poor son all excited only to have his bubble burst (that was the only bubble that burst that afternoon, poor thing!) And with our luck rolling at that time, when hubby went to return it at the store he had bought it from for a new one, they had run out of stock! So when dozens of them stared at me a week later at a nearby mall it was with trepidation that I chose one carefully, walked over to the cashier and paid for it. Once home, I held my breath when I opened and tested it secretly in my bathroom (I didn’t want to disappoint my son twice!) Thankfully it worked. Phew!

Since then we’ve had quite a number of fun times with the kids. It’s very useful during rainy days (literally, wet rainy days). I just bring them down to the covered void deck and it can easily keep them occupied for half an hour at least. However recently I discovered quite by chance that my kids are more thrilled when they get to blow the bubbles themselves (thanks to other moms and kids who share at the playground!)

So today, almost a year after the bubble gun hoo ha, I brought my kids outdoors armed only with simple no frills bubble blowers and some bubble solution. They had a ball of a time. Blowing bubbles for themselves and trying to catch them with the bubble blower. Even my 20 month old Little Missy can blow bubbles on her own now. While there’s no doubt the bubble gun is great fun and can give us endless streams of bubbles, I’m learning we shouldn’t overlook the simple stuff. Sometimes (or more) they can even outdo the fancy stuff.

P/S: I found that it’s better to pour a little of the solution at a time into a shallow small plastic plate for them to dip their blowers and not spill the solution.


One Response to “Simple Joys”

  1. Ruth Says:

    oh! that’s the best! shiloh loves bubbles too….and so does her mama!

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