All In A Year

Hellooo… it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, needless to say I’ve been caught up with Christmas stuff, enjoying the tail end of the holidays with my family (hubby’s on leave)… all in the midst of riding out some mild flu bug (we’ve each taken our turn at being hit!) Thankfully we still had a lovely Christmas.

After the euphoria of Christmas (it’s always “the” peak of the year for me) things are slowing down and I find myself in a reflective mood what with today being New Year’s Eve. I’m not going to write down my thoughts because there are bits here, bits there and just about everywhere! But I am going to share with you two photos which speak volumes of how much has changed in this one year.

My kids in Jan 2007
My kids in Dec 2007

We’ve travelled some distance together, my kids and I. And I’m more mommyfied than I was 12 months ago! Yet we’re still only at the beginning of our journey… tomorrow we’ll embark on another adventurous year ahead. One that may be insane and filled with many unexpected turns but you can bet it will be anything but dull!

Happy New Year everyone!


One Response to “All In A Year”

  1. mamabliss Says:

    awww… look at how they’ve grown… 😉

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