School Blues

Yesterday was Hubby-jr’s first day of school (he’s in K1 this year). I was a bundle of nerves for the past one week leading up to yesterday. I couldn’t help it… my dear son simply loves school, NOT!

A few of my friends found it hard to believe when I told them how Hubby-jr would say, “Saturday will come soon” every morning starting from Monday. Yup, he’s got the Monday school blues. I discovered it after I taught him the sequence of the days of the week. He probably had the blues the minute he started “schooling” but he just couldn’t communicate it to me in so many words. I think that’s what the screaming back then must have meant!

Anyway we (Hubby-jr and I) were very nervous about the first day of school. This year he’ll be taking the school bus (last year his grandpa was his school chauffeur) and he’ll have a new teacher and a new classroom. Too many “new”s for his comfort if you ask him!

Thankfully it went pretty well despite the nerves! For one there was no screaming, just some tearing and crying out for mommy whenever he spotted me among the other parents. So after meeting his class teacher, hubby and I quickly scooted home. He came home in one piece and dry eyes. The rest of the day he was more quiet than usual and I knew it must have been quite a day for him. A glimmer came when he broke the silence with, “Mommy, I like to take the school bus to school. And I like to take the school bus home.” My quirky son loves to ride buses and trains! And as I tucked him into bed last night I told him, “Mommy’s very proud of you. You did well today. It must have been scary but you did well.”

This morning Hubby-jr greeted me with “Mommy, today’s Friday! It’s the last day of school!”. So I said “Yes, it’s the last day of school… for the week. When it’s Monday you’ll have to go to school again. The long holidays are over.” That didn’t distract Hubby-jr… “Tomorrow’s Saturday!” was all he could exclaim and it was all he could think about!


2 Responses to “School Blues”

  1. Ruth Says:

    aww. HAPPY NEW YEAR mommyfied!

    love the pics of your kids in the bottom post.

  2. mamabliss Says:

    **HUGZ** hope your little boy will get over this phase soon… Our Lord’s Spirit be with him to comfort and watch over him… 🙂

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