Ulu Lovely

We live in quite an ulu (Malay for deserted) part of Singapore. Beyond our humble flat is an empty plot of land awaiting further development. Yes, we are living almost at the fringe of the island. That’s how “ulu” we are considering that this is land scarced, urbanised Singapore.

Hubby and I fell in love with this flat the minute we saw it even though it was not completed yet at that time. We snooped around to take peaks at the inside of the unfinished flat and decided this was IT. This was THE ONE. So we crossed our fingers (after much prayer of course) when it was time for selection and miraculously no one else thought that it was such a great available unit. So just like that we got our first, dream choice.

Yes, it was quite inconvenient when we moved in. Without a car, it took us an hour just to get to work and more just to come home (yes, once upon a time I “worked”). It took quite a while for things to develop around us, for things to be a little more “convenient”.

But we have no regrets whatsoever.

For the “inconveniences” we have this.


And this.


Migratory Little Egrets at a nearby river. (Sorry for the blur photo, this was taken at quite a distance.)

Our family has taken many, many, MANY evening walks. We (including the little ones) enjoy it very much. We love our home. Our humble, “ulu-fied” home.


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