My Week That Was

I want to apologise for the unfashionably infrequent posts this week. I think I’ve finally got rid of the bugs… I think… I still have some remnant cough.

My excuse? I was either too tired (from being sick) or too busy. I was also trying to take things slow to help my body recover fully.

On Monday hubby took leave to look after the kids since I was sick. I slept quite a bit and managed to squeeze in a post.

On Tuesday I had to bring Hubby-jr for his speech therapy session and then rush him off to school and after that rush back to pick Little Missy from her grandparents’. All before lunch! Since I don’t drive, it took a little more than an hour just to get him to his therapy session by two buses. So you imagine all the travelling I had to do. And since I hadn’t fully recovered at that time, it left me totally exhausted. So much so I was still tired on Wednesday.

I finally only got my act together on Thursday but I had to spend all my “free” time folding laundry!

You see when the bugs started disappearing, a mountain became apparent in my home. The Laundry Mountain! While I had managed to somewhat keep up with the washing I didn’t fold any for the week and boy, did it pile up! So I had to do a lot of laundry folding and keeping them away on top of the usual stuff. Thankfully it’s almost just a hill now… the usual hill that sits in one corner of my house… Hubby calls it our “walk-out” cupboard seeing how we have to walk out of our room to get a fresh change of clothes!

I’ll try to write more next week. I promise.


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