We’ve been diligently visiting the library since end of last year. Here’s what we are currently reading.

Hubby….                          Me

beyond.jpg        rightattitude.jpg


diggerman.jpg        fireengineman.jpg

He’s enjoying both these books by Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha. Incidentally I found this at youtube.

Last but definitely not least… Little Missy

She picked this from the library during one of our regular visits and wouldn’t let it go. I borrowed it just to keep her happy and thought that she’d just throw it aside once we reached home (it’s really more of a book for pre-teens with lots of words and some illustrations). I was wrong. It’s one of her favourite books (for now) and “reads” it daily. She loves the illustrations, so much so that she’s wearing the book out (I think I may have to buy a new one for the library!) Go figure huh?

Here’s a snippet of how the “reading” usually goes…

Little Missy: Lying down… (giggles while pointing to the lady)
Me: (Smile) Yes, the woman is lying down under the bed.


Little Missy: Horse… where? (flips through the pages and finds the illustration she was looking for) There! (giggles)
Me: Oh, there they are. Horse (pointing to the horses). There are one, two, three horses.


Little Missy: Heetar! (guitar)
Me: Yes, the man is playing the guitar.
Little Missy: Daddy pay (play) heetar (guitar)
Me: Yes, daddy plays the guitar just like the man in this picture.

And this can go on over and over and over again for about half an hour! It can be tiring but oh it’s so adorable, don’t you think? 

So what’s your family reading?

P/S: Mommy Speech Therapy has these great tips when reading to a toddler.


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