Chinese New Year

I’m getting sadder by the day as Chinese New Year Eve approaches. It’s the time of the year where I’ve always looked forward to being with my parents, brother, aunts and cousins for our reunion dinner. Well this year we’re not traveling back to my hometown. 😦

While some of you may dread these family gatherings (and I can understand why, all the history digging and 20 questions…) but having lived away for so long and missing so many family gatherings (such as birthdays, etc.) I miss them A LOT.

My mom always whipped up a feast. The same yummy fantastic dishes that I’ve come to look forward to every year. My aunt and my two cousins would join us and we would just eat and eat and talk. After dinner we’d sit around snack on mandarin oranges and cookies and talk some more. We’d go over stupid things we did as kids (and as adults) and laugh over them. We’d talk about our granny whom we loved and we’d poke fun at each other. And we’d watch the usual silly Hong Kong Chinese New Year movie (in Cantonese!) or the Hong Kong Variety Shows on TV.

That’s what we used to do on Chinese New Year Eve. Now my aunt and cousins are living in Melbourne. I’m here in Singapore. My parents will be having a quiet threesome with my brother in Malaysia.

Sigh. I miss our reunion dinners.

Never mind. Next year will be Chinese New Year in Malaysia! Yay! (Hubby and I decided to rotate every year.)

To all who celebrate it, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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