Pest Control

“Mommy, ants!” Little Missy tells me while pointing to a few ants on the floor.

Next thing I know. Splat! Splat! Splat! My little girl smacks the floor with the palm of her hands.

“Bye-bye ants.” She says looking at the floor. Then she turns to me and says, “No more.”

What the…??? I know, I know it’s not like its murder and yes it’s even amusing. The thing is I could hardly recall her ever witnessing me perform such an act (though after straining my brains hard… I think there just might have been that one incident… )

Yes I immediately concluded that she must have picked it up from me. It was kinda like deja vu (but I’ve never bid goodbye to my victims).

The next thing I’m thinking is, what else has she picked up from me that I’d rather she hadn’t? Oh boy! I don’t really want to know. I have more nasty habits than the “harmless” killing ants on the spot.

Boy, oh boy, I had better start watching my actions more carefully. I had better exercise more pest self control!


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