Temporary Insanity

Just after I talked about simplifying I was seized by temporary insanity. Since yesterday I’ve been attempting to transform my “refuge-camp like” flat to a perfectly kept one. If that’s not insanity I don’t know what is. And yes, it is temporary. Sooner or later my true-loathing-cleaning/tidying-self will return.

It started when I was invited to drop by a neighbour’s house two days ago. I am not exaggerating when I say that her house was I-M-M-A-C-U-L-A-T-E! Absolutely spotless. Absolutely free of clutter. Not ONE thing was out of place. It was like walking into a resort. Mind you, she has two kids and both are the same age as mine. Well yes, she has a full-time domestic helper but still…

I was awestruck and a tad embarrassed about my home.

After that I became somewhat possessed! I went into tidying, rearranging and throwing frenzy mode yesterday. In the morning my kids were left pretty much on their own (of course later hubby-jr went to school). “Mommy’s busy, busy, busy.” In the evening they were still left alone. “Sorry kids, mommy’s tired, flat out, exhausted!”

I had no time or energy to cook either, so hubby helped pack dinner home. As we were having dinner later I told him about what I did and why. “Is this why you’re exhausted? Can you please not do this anymore?”

“Okay,” I said. I was coming a little to my senses. By the end of yesterday I realized immaculate house was an unattainable goal for me (for us). It’s just not us – we’re not the orderly sort. And I think it would “kill” us if ever I became fixated with having an immaculate home.

Still, last night as I was watching American Idol I packed my room a little during commercials. I couldn’t help it. I was driven. A part of me was still in la-la land.

Actually a part of me still IS. I packed some more today but a lot less than yesterday. I’ve to seize this fervour as it comes by so rarely. Hey, I’ve managed to clear quite a fair bit. There are now only 2 to 3 problem areas left in my home. That’s down from 7 to 10! I’m so proud of myself (gush).

I’m actually hoping the insanity stays a little longer… at least till I’ve addressed ALL of them. Hmmm… well, maybe just almost ALL… there is this corner I just want to keep denying even exists. That corner (if it exists) needs some serious miraculous act of housekeeping.


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