Music to My Ears

Finding out that my son has mild hearing loss in his right ear was difficult for me. And after some “grieving” I’ve come to terms with it. I no longer quietly wish somewhere in a corner of my heart that things would be different, that he would be “normal”. I’ve accepted that it is what it is. The hearing problem is not going away and that we’ll just manage it.

Having said that, I’m not above feeling pangs in my heart every now and then especially when I see (hear?) other boys his age rattling off stories to their moms. It’s worse when I observe younger boys with amazing speech ability. This “pain” (I think) is only something moms of “different” kids know of and struggle with. 

At such moments I tell myself to NOT compare but to focus instead on Hubby-jr’s progress.

And I am so thankful that he IS progressing.

“What are you doing mommy?” he asked me several times this week. It’s the first real question he’s ever asked me. Yeah sure he’s been asking me for stuff like water, food, tv, etc. for the longest time now. But this, this was a real wanting-to-know question. Not a request.

Today he even asked me, “What are you eating mommy?”

Let me tell you these questions are music to my ears.

A year ago, his language ability was so delayed he couldn’t even answer me when I asked him what he did in school. These days he can tell me a thing or two about what he did in school. And now he’s starting to ask me questions. For a speech delayed child this IS progress people!

To top it off, he told me sometime this week, “Mommy I enjoyed talking to friends on the school bus.”

Friends? Talking? Wow! A year ago he wasn’t even socializing well!

Hallelujah! Just keep the music coming. Sweet music to my ears.


6 Responses to “Music to My Ears”

  1. Ruby Says:

    You sound like a great mom!

    Nice blog and I love the “yoke” picture with the little girl 🙂

  2. Christine Says:

    I like it too (it’s the same one I use) and I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Hallelujah is right. You must be a very proud mom. 🙂

  3. bwee Says:

    Glad to know yr son is responding well and progressing. Just to share that I am also hearing-impaired in my right ear. It was only discovered when I was in P1. The nurses came down my school to check on all the kids and initially they thought I was playing a fool when I didn’t respond well to the various sounds played to my right ear. Then I went for further checks at MOH and turned out I had lost my hearing in that ear unknowingly to an infection when I was about 5. But thankfully, like your son, I still have the other good ear to count on. I know of another fd who is just like me – only one ear is good – and she also did well academically and socially. So not to worry! Note: It is important for yr son to be seated on the CORRECT SIDE in the classroom (not just in front). As a student, I had to sit on the front right side of the classroom otherwise I would have problems hearing the teacher during lessons. It is good to hv his teacher be aware of this so that she can arrange for him to sit in better position for his hearing since kids may be shy about telling adults they cannot hear (which was the case for me last time). Good luck! 🙂

  4. CathyB Says:

    Your blog brought tears to my eyes because we are struggling to help our speech & language delayed 3 year old son. His hearing has been checked with no conclusion and will be rechecked next week. I am confused because some noises he reacts to, but yet some he does not. It is difficult because with this delay, professionals start to evaluate everything he does. He is my perfect little boy that I just want to help. We too have progress every day so I can relate. It is reassuring to hear of familiar stories. Thank you.

  5. debcny Says:

    Hello –
    Late coming in to this post… but, wanted to say that my son has a mild/moderate hearing loss in both ears… and he’s doing great. I understand your grieving… and I know I went through it too.

    But, I want to applaud you for your research and looking into what this will mean. That is a good chart you posted. I’ve found a lot of other articles on mild-moderate hearing loss too. If you’re interested they are posted on my blog…..

    How are things going now?

    Your boy is adorable, by the way.

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    […] Who, What, Where. September 26, 2008 — mommy-fied A while ago, Hubby-jr started asking ”what” questions and that was followed by “where” questions. I was absolutely thrilled then as he picked […]

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