Chicken Pox

My dear four and half year old son has chicken pox. Yes, chicken pox! On Friday we just thought he had a funny insect bite on his thigh. Then last night sporadic spots all over his back and some on his legs and neck alerted us to the possibility of chicken pox. This morning it was confirmed after a visit to the doctor’s.

We were suspicious but uncertain up til the doctor’s diagnosis. Why? Simply because he had (has?) no fever. And although he has spots all over his body there are really not that many (well at least not how I would envision chicken pox spots). So that’s the silver lining, it’s a mild invasion.

Bad news is… we’d be home bound for a week. I am SO looking forward to being stuck in a small flat with two active kids for ONE WHOLE WEEK.

More bad news… I’ve never gotten chicken pox before in my thirty something years of life! I think I may have some natural immunity as I’ve never caught it. Not even when there were outbreaks and I came in contact with some “chicken pox-ees” (people with chicken pox?). Still there is this chance that I may not be so “lucky” this time. Catching chicken pox at my age would NOT be FUN.

AND of course Little Missy is also in the line of fire.

Yes we didn’t get them vaccinated as dear ol’ hubby thought what’s the point if its not full proof.

Ohhhhh well… we’ll just have to wait and see how things will go next week. No biggie.


“Look daddy, alphabet pox!” quips Hubby-jr.

Yes unfortunately he’s still the same perky cheeky boy with just some extra spots on his back, neck and legs. I half wish chicken pox was also the “sleepy pox” or the “slow-me-down pox” even in its mildest form.


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