Just when I thought wishes do not come true

My half wish came true… kinda. Hubby-jr is now running a mild fever so he is a teensy weensy less active than his usual self. He is getting more spots too. Thankfully he’s taking it all very well and is not cranky at all (he’s growing into such a great kid… sigh).

As for me, well I chickened out (pun not intended) and got myself a chicken pox vaccination this morning. Apparently it could still prevent me from catching the virus and even if it couldn’t, I’d have milder symptoms. I’ve heard enough scary stories of how bad some adults had it over here in Singapore (I “heard” the Singapore strain is pretty nasty).

AND hot from the press… (just as I was going to finish writing this post) Little Missy is now down with fever. No spots yet. I couldn’t “save” her, the doctor advised me to vaccinate her only if she didn’t catch the virus this time. Otherwise just let her ride it out. So…o it looks like ride it out she will. My poor girl. I hope she gets it mild.

If you want to know more about chicken pox and its vaccine, here are two links. 


One Response to “Just when I thought wishes do not come true”

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